5 Beneficent Tree Care Tips to Protect Your Trees from The Bone-Chilling Winter

5 Beneficent Tree Care Tips to Protect Your Trees from The Bone-Chilling Winter

Like most homeowners, the trees and shrubs are probably your most prized assets. They make your home and property look beautiful, green and valuable. But keeping them looking their best can be a challenge in winters. 

As soon as the cold temperatures and dry winds set foot, the trees start showing stress signs. You need to be proactive on the tree care part to protect your green assets in the winter. Check out these 5 helpful tips to maintain the health and growth of your trees during the dormant season!

1. Winter is the best time to trim

The best tree trimming services in Texas recommend homeowners trim trees in winter. As the tree leaves already fall, it becomes easier to see and access the branches. The arborists need that clear vision to identify the frail and diseased branches for the right tree care.

Also, as the temperatures drop down, trees go dormant. Thus, trimming them won’t risk hampering their growth process. In fact, it will enhance its growth in the spring season.

2. Mulch before the temperature freezes

One of the quintessential tips for winter tree care is to mulch them before the temperature drops down. Mulching will help keep the soil around trees warm thereby preventing the roots from freezing. 

Besides, it also locks in the moisture of the soil. This is important as the trees will need water during winter, even when it’s cold. 

To mulch trees in winter, cover the root zone with a thick layer of it. As the mulch settles in, you can add more to make sure there are no exposed roots. This will keep your spring garden free of weeds.

3. Protect vulnerable trees

After the leaves fall, trees lose their protective canopy and become susceptible to frostbite or sunscald. So, it becomes vital to cover them from the freezing weather.

To do that, wrap the tree’s trunk with paint or a white reflective cover as winter approaches. If you’ve received a forecast of a heavy storm, drape burlap cloth or plastic over the tree to shield from the winds.

If you’ve got an old tree that is about to fall at any moment, contact the best tree removal services in Texas to get it hauled away before the storm.

4. Water during warmer temperatures

To keep trees well-hydrated through winter, water them while the sun is warmer. Once it gets extremely cold, the ground freezes solid, preventing water from reaching the roots. 

For the right tree care in winter, deep water your greens only once a week. Use a garden hose or watering can to properly saturate the soil around the tree’s roots. In case of newly planted trees, water them twice a week.

5. Avoid using salt

During snowy days, it’s quite common to use salt on walkways and steps. But know that salt is harmful to trees and plants. Salt causes soil compaction, making it difficult for tree roots to absorb water from the ground. So, we recommend avoiding them if possible. 


Winters are a precarious time for trees. If you skimp on tree care, you may lose your trees forever. So, put in a little winter work and reap the results in the coming seasons. Prep Your Trees For The Wintry Months With Branch Specialists Texas.

When it comes to the best tree services in Texas, we’re the most recommended name. That’s because our maintenance services keep trees healthy and bounty all year long.

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