About us

about us
About Us

Branch Specialists bring the best tree services and tree care solutions to beautify your green property and maintain the youth & health of the same in the most appropriate manner.


With several projects being completed over these years, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best tree services in Texas. We have an experienced time that can understand and cater special attention to all projects depending on the needs and requirements.

Our clients are why we exist and hence our prime focus is to complete all projects with utmost sincerity and dedication. Our experienced team is trained to use all the latest equipment and materials that can take the best care of your trees. We are proficient in maintaining both the aesthetic appeal of your garden whilst keeping your trees healthy. With Branch Specialist, you can have the most pleasing landscape.

Expertise and know-how of the best standards make us unique. We ensure well-maintained trees and safe removal of decayed ones with our extremely best tree services in Texas. With precision, perfection and on-time completion, we never fail to impress our clients. your trees are in safe hands when you call for Branch Specialists – the best tree services company in Texas.