A Detailed Safety Guide For Tree Stump Removal

A Detailed Safety Guide For Tree Stump Removal

In recent times, garden owners in Texas don’t have to worry much about their tree care needs. Why? 

Because you have professionals and expert teams from Branch Specialists to take care of all tree-related worries for you. We are not only a reputed tree care agency, but we are also a tree stump removal company

But living trees are not the only concern for homeowners – unremoved stumps are hazardous too (for you and also for your property). Anytime you have an ungrounded or grounded tree stump that requires removal – you should trust the experts for its efficient removal ensuring safety. 

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), services related to the tree care industry are one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Every year, more than 100 fatalities are reported in the USA alone related to tree care. So, for safety concerns, you should go for a professional tree stump removal company to stay safe.

Why is Tree Removal Service Necessary Yet So Dangerous?

When trying to remove a tree stump or undertaking any tree care job, multiple unforeseen factors come into play. If one of these factors goes wrong, accidents can happen. Here are some of these factors:

Type of the Tree Stump, Age, Size, and Condition

Tree stumps often harbor pests, vermin and even wild animals, so it is better to ground or remove tree stumps from your property. 

Depending on the size of the tree stump, its age, type of the tree, and present condition, any professional tree stump removal company takes calculative steps before starting with the stump removal procedure to minimize risks.

The weather, climate, and season also affect the tree stump removal process. You need to factor in those things too. For most instances, experienced professionals in an adept tree stump removal company prefer sunny winter days for stump removal compared to other seasons. 

Learn About Your Equipment and Safety

Tree stump removal is a very arduous process. It takes time, energy, and heavy machinery. So, you need to be very careful all the time. 

The pieces of heavy machinery generally require extreme caution, training, and experience for safe usage. You may also need to deploy a crane to pull the stump out of the ground for large stumps. For that, you will need special permits from the local authorities. You also need to inform them at least 3 days prior to the job by dialing 811. 

In terms of safety concerns, Branch Specialists, being the best tree removal company in Texas, recommends a high-quality safety harness and rope system which can bear at least 1000 lbs. load, durable safety boots, ear muffs or earplugs, safety goggles, durable safety vests, and most importantly safety helmet to ensure you stay safe all the time.

Consider Your Surroundings

Before starting the tree removal process, you need to consider and calculate your surrounding areas, obstacles, and things that can be potentially hazardous to this task.  

The location of the tree stump inside your property can often disrupt the tree stump removal process. Already existing structures sometimes do not allow the usage of heavy machinery, and if you use force, that can damage your property.

Furthermore, if a tree stump shelters various pests and vermin. You need to get rid of them before you do anything. They can harm you, your family, and your pricey tree removal equipment. 

Just like any other professional tree stump removal company, we follow extra caution for old tree stumps.

What Should You Do For a Safe Tree Stump Removal?

For a safe tree stump removal, you should count on professionals like Branch Specialists Texas to avoid any harm to you or your family members. We have the proper equipment, training, licenses, certifications, and most importantly, experience to provide you with the best tree stump removal company.

We are just one call away. Contact us and get rid of your tree problems.

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