5 Simple Tree Maintenance Tips For Healthy Trees
5 Simple Tree Maintenance Tips For Healthy Trees

Can you tell us why well-maintained trees live longer than those which are rarely maintained?  Not to mention, well-maintained trees serve you a lifetime. And those which are not maintained properly can die at any time. 

We can tell many stories about how trees are damaged by extreme heat and heavy rains. Not to mention, PESTS! 

We understand it’s impossible to forecast natural disasters. But you can certainly prepare for one by hiring the best tree services in Texas. To understand better, let’s learn some tree maintenance tips to have healthy trees throughout the year. 

5 Valuable Tree Maintenance Tips for Growing Healthier Trees 
1. Keep away pests

Most of us don’t dedicate much time to tree care as much as we nurture our vegetable and flower plants. And this often leads to pest infestation. 

Some quick ways of detecting pest infestations include:


 Decaying branches

 White spots on branches

 Discolored leaves

Oak Wilt, a very widely spread fungal disease in Texas, easily spreads through sap-feeding beetles. So to keep the pests at bay, one crucial tree maintenance tips is not to prune the trees between Feb and June, when these beetles are more active.

If you suspect any pest disease or pest infestations, consult our tree health services right away.

2. Fertilize in the right season

The next tree maintenance tips is fertilization. Like any garden plant, your trees need to be fertilized at the right season at the right time. And the ideal season to do it is during the fall. Why? Because the past cold winter season might’ve strained the roots and they need proper fertilization to revive.

You can apply potassium and phosphorus to the soil. This helps in hardening the root tissues. That’s how your tree acclimates to the cold winter.  In this step of tree care services, you can also apply a slow-release oxygen kind of fertilizer like SRN for better results. 

3. Apply accurate mulch

The third tree maintenance tips is applying mulch to protect the tree roots and balance the moisture in the soil. Avoid going overboard with mulching and neither apply too less. 

To maintain a balance, follow these steps for proper mulching:

 Start by spreading 2-4 inches of mulch 

 Extend the drip line from the branches

 Pull away the mulch from the trunk into a donut shape

Use good nutrition organic mulch. Avoid a mulch volcano around the root collar. The locked moisture can invite pests or diseases.

4. Check the soil quality

Maintaining soil quality is one of the crucial tree maintenance tips because that’s the most important thing your tree is dependent on. You want to create the right mix of soil while planting for a successful tree growth. 

Are you not sure how to create healthy planting soil?

Try mixing 10-20% of compost along with the original soil.  But if we suspect that your soil lacks the necessary nutrients, get in touch with us and we will perform tree health services tests to identify the missing fertilizer your soil needs.

5. Uproot invasive plants

Japanese honeysuckle, Ivy, and Wisteria, to name a few,  are some of the most common invasive plants in Texas. Trust us, they are of no good! 

They trap moisture around the tree’s root collar which suffocates the trees, causing them to die an untimely death.  Removing them is one of the wisest tree maintenance tips. Don’t try to pull them, you’d harm your tree bark. Try to prune their stems close to the base. 

Choose The Right Tree Specialists In Texas

The right tree care services make these tree maintenance tips a lot easier to follow. At Branch Specialists Texas, we house only certified tree professionals, carrying years of expertise and experience in this industry. By giving your trees the appropriate care while young, they will attain healthy growth for years to come. 

Serve your trees with the best tree care services in Texas. Contact us at (214) 233-6920!

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