When and How Should Transplant Trees in Property?

When and How Should one Transplant Trees in Property?

Moving a full-grown tree can be an intimidating project. But it can spruce up your property or fix fundamental design problems instantly. Hence, it’s worth the trouble. 

How does one go about the process though? Here we will explain how and when to uproot trees with the best tree removal services in Texas. Keep reading to know it all!

 When Is The Best Time To Hire The Best Tree Removal Company In Texas For Transplanting Trees?

The best time to move trees varies season by season. Let’s take a quick look at what a transplanting tree looks like in each of the four seasons.


Most tree removal services agree that the best time for transplanting is in spring. That’s because the tree is still dormant then. Hence, they won’t have any leaves or fruits which makes the moving process lighter and easier. 


Summers are one of the worst times to hire tree removal services to transport trees. The tree has all its leaves out by then and the heat depletes its water too quickly. They can go into shock if they lose too much water which can ultimately lead to their death.


The pleasant weather of early fall can work perfectly well for tree removal services. But make sure you don’t wait until late fall or winter to move your tree. You have to give the tree some time to adjust before the temperature drops to freezing.


It is best to avoid transplanting tree in winter. The ground remains frozen and it’s simply too cold for a tree moving service.

 How To Successfully Move And Transplant Trees?

Picking the right time of the year is not enough for successful transplanting. You must know how to successfully move your tree too. Here is how you can do it –

 Prune Tree Roots

If possible, start the process a few months before the actual moving by pruning the roots. This will help the tree to grow new feeder roots that can better absorb water and nutrients.

 Choose A Great Location 

The relocation process won’t ever be a success if you don’t move it to a good location. So, choose the place wisely before the process. Make sure the tree has an ample amount of space. Avoid planting it anywhere where it will get too little or too much water. 

 Relocate Sturdy Species

Some species of tree do better with relocation than others. For optimal results, opt for tree removal services for only those tree that is strong enough to survive. 

 Inspect The Roots

You have to get an idea of the tree’s root system before the transplantation process. For this, dig a little around the tree to understand its roots. Accordingly, dig the hole that you’ll move the tree into. Make sure the hole is twice as wide as the ball of roots but not twice as deep.

 Water The Soil

Water the soil a day before you move the tree.


Now, dig the roots of the tree with the help of a burlap. Fasten the burlap around the roots balls using twine and then carry them to its new abode. Fill the hole with soil, water it, and mulch on top.

Call Branch Specialists Texas If You Need Help Transplanting Your Trees

In case you’re struggling with your tree relocation process, hire our tree removal services. We can transplant your trees the right way and at the right place to maximize your chances of success.

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