Pricing Guide: How Much Does Professional Tree Trimming Services Cost?

Pricing Guide: How Much Does Professional Tree Trimming Services Cost?

Hiring expert tree trimming Texas service is not just a Christmas errand. Trimming is something your trees need all year round. It is an important consideration – not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect your trees and property from serious harm.

Read on to learn the average prices of hiring professional tree trimming services in Texas.

Tree Trimming Cost

On average, Texas homeowners have to pay between $450 to $800 for professional tree trimming services. Some homeowners can expect to pay as low as $80 for small trimming jobs. While others may pay close to $1,500 for trimming a 60 feet tall tree.

Many factors affect the total tree trimming cost including –

  • How many trees need trimming?
  • How is the tree’s health?
  • Where is the tree located?

If you need a tree or stump removed as well, that’s going to charge up the cost as well.

Follow our pricing guide till the end to know tree trimming costs based on various factors.

Tree Trimming Services Price Estimator By Size Of Trees

The most significant factor affecting the tree trimming cost is the tree’s size. The tree trimmers will need to bring in heavy-duty equipment for large trees.  Trimming large trees also entails a greater safety risk. 

Thus, trimming tall and large trees needs more labor, time, equipment, and precautions than small trees. This is why professional tree trimmers often charge more for larger trees.

Tree sizes typically fall into three categories: small, medium, and large. Most tree trimming services companies classify the size of the tree according to the heights listed below. 

(Keep in mind that some tree care professionals may go by different measurements)

Small Trees Less than 30 ft tall $80 to $400
Medium Trees 30-60 ft tall $150 to $750
Large Trees Over 60 ft tall $250 to $1500
Other Factors That Affect The Cost Of Tree Trimming Services

Besides the tree’s size, other factors that can affect the cost of tree trimming include:

  • Location:   Where the tree is located
  • Accessibility: How easy it will be to reach the tree to trim it
  • Number of trees:  How many trees need to be trimmed
  • Tree health:  Some tree ailments make the trimming task more dangerous
  • Pests:  These are a sign that your tree is rotting – making the trimming task riskier

Let’s go over these factors in detail!


Is your tree located near a power line or close to your home? Then, the tree trimmer will have to take extra precautions. He has to make sure no falling tree limbs damage the power lines or surrounding structures.

To complete the trimming job with care, such tree locations require more equipment, effort, and labor. This will make your bill higher.

Travel distance will also drive up the cost of the trimming job. Many professional companies charge extra for travel time and distance. 

Tip: If your tree is near a power line, call the utility company first. In most instances, utility companies trim a tree for free if it’s near a power line.

If your tree is in a hard-to-reach area, you will have to pay more to get it trimmed. 

Most professional tree trimming services use a bucket truck to reach a tree’s tallest point. For trees located in difficult locations, there’s usually not enough surrounding space for the truck. 

The tree trimmers then have to use different means to access the tree’s top. For instance – climbing. This additional labor and risk will lead to a high trimming cost.

Number Of Trees

Most professionals charge you by the number of trees they trim. The more trees they have to trim for you, the more you will have to pay.

Tree Health
Lighting strikes, weather damage, and tree diseases can affect the tree’s overall health. And a tree’s health often has a vital impact on its stability. 

Unhealthy, damaged, and dead trees have greater risks involved. These trees are less stable. Thus, the professional trimmer will have to take more precautions for them. This escalates the trimming price.

Unstable trees also need to be cabled before trimming. While this may cost more, the end result will be a much safer and healthier tree.


The presence of pests in the tree also can influence the cost of tree trimming services. Insects like wood-peckers or ants are usually a sign that the tree is rotting inside. Pests like emerald ash borer can also cause massive damage to healthy trees.

If your tree is home to pests, it may be unstable for a tree trimmer to climb. As a result, he will have to bring in other climbing equipment. Thus, the cost of trimming pest-infected trees is more.

Extra Services:

Other tree services often included with tree trimming are:

  • Tree removal 
  • Stump grinding

These additional services will cost you extra. Here, we have calculated the average prices for these services.

Tree removal

On average, homeowners across Texas pay between $380 to $1200 for professional tree removal. Removing small trees cost as low as $150. While large trees cost as high as $1950.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding prices typically range from $150 to $450 for one stump. It may cost $35 to $65 per additional stump.

National Average Cost Of Tree Trimming Services

  • Typical Price Range: $315 to $800
  • National Average: $450 
  • Low End: $80
  • High End: $1500

Remember that these prices are only national averages. The total tree trimming cost may vary depending on many facets.

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