6 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Palm Tree Stumps

Best Tree Stump Grinding Services – Many people think that palm trees are only found in Florida’s climate. But, that’s not the case! Thanks to the unique weather, even Texas is home to a lot of palm trees.

Palm trees are an iconic beauty blooming in the properties of Texas. Unfortunately, there comes a time when we have to bid goodbye to this majestic green.

And once this case happens, you’ll be minus one gorgeous palm tree and plus one eyesore stump.

You can’t leave the stumps as they are. They are dangerous and occupy futile space in properties.

Fortunately, Branch Specialists Texas can get rid of such stumps easily. Whether using the best stump grinder or stump removal equipment, we can eliminate even the most deeply rooted palm tree stumps. 

Want to know our top stump removal ways? Then, kindly read on!

Using The Best Stump Grinder

Want the annoying palm trees gone quickly? Then, hiring Branch Specialists for the best stump grinding services in Texas should be your call.

The best stump grinder, as the name implies, grinds down stumps to the soil level. Besides getting rid of the tree stump, it also stops the palm tree from resprouting.

Take note: if the palm tree stump was not cut close to the ground, then you have to recut it before putting on the best stump grinder over it. But worry not, our expert team can trim down anything taller around the stump area.

Digging The Stump

Not keen to use the best stump grinder? Then, we can dig out the palm tree stump for you. The size of the stump and the root ball determines the efficiency of this stump removal method.

Smaller palm trees with a shallow root system can be dealt with ease. But for anything bigger, it might be impossible to extricate.

Rotting Palm Tree Stumps With Chemicals

A common palm tree stump removal method is rotting the stump using chemicals. The chemicals contain a form of nitrogen. The stump wood decomposes with the aid of nitrogen. 

The more the nitrogen content, the speedier the process. To accelerate the process further, we drill holes into the palm tree stump before pouring in the chemical. 

Rotting Stumps Naturally

Do you want to rot a stump away, but don’t want to go the chemical route? Branch Specialists Depew has an organic way!

We use natural nitrogen-rich elements like manure, coffee grounds, and bone meal as an organic way to get rid of stumps. These natural chemicals speed up the stump decaying process. 

Take note: this stump removal route is not as fast as stump rotting chemicals. So, if you are in a rush, this method is not for you.

Using Heavy Machinery

In some cases, amateur best stump grinder and rotting will not get the work done. If that’s the scenario and you have a massive stump, we have heavy and cutting stump removal machinery as an alternative. 

Our heavyweight and powerful machines guarantee to uproot all kinds of difficult stumps, without hampering the property. 

Covering The Stumps

If you don’t want to remove the stump completely, consider covering it up. You can load topsoil over it and make a planted mound over the stump. Also, we can plant small shrubs and bushes to disguise it.

Time To Call The Experts!

Want to eliminate the stump with zero hassle? Contact Branch Specialists Texas – the best stump grinding services in Texas. We offer a range of tree services including fast and efficient palm tree stump removal. Talk to us today!

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