Important Tree Cutting Tips and Techniques to Remember

Important Tree Cutting Tips and Techniques to Remember

Tree cutting, trimming, or pruning can become a serious nightmare if you choose to do it without proper training, tips, or equipment. The best way to treat your tree problem is to go for a local professional tree cutting service such as the Branch Specialists Texas.

In recent times, due to bad weather and other reasons, even large trees in your backyard or property can get severely damaged or fall into the ground and require professional tree cutting and removal services. 

So to give you an upper hand on these natural mishaps that (possibly) happen, keep yourself updated with these quick tree cutting techniques. 

Get Your Equipment First

Without proper equipment, you can’t do anything. It is also true for your tree cutting and tree stump removal. The Branch Specialist, one of the best tree trimming services in Texas, suggests the following equipment you must have before starting the job.

You may need one or a few or all of the following lists.

 Diesel-powered heavy-duty chainsaws 

 Advanced pruning shears 


 Sharp hedge shears

 A Mechanical pruning saw

 A Long-pole chainsaw

 Long-reach tree pruners 

 A variety of mechanical saw

Apart from these, you will also need some safety equipment to ensure you stay safe in the process.

Get Your Safety Equipment Too!

Being one of the best tree services in Texas, we always recommend using a sturdy safety helmet, a high-quality safety vest, a high-quality safety harness and rope system which can withstand at least 1000 lbs. load, good quality safety boots, safety goggles, and other safety equipment to ensure you stay safe. 

Even with the safety equipment, if you have second thoughts, do yourself a favor, get a tree cutting service like Branch Specialists, and get it done professionally. 

Top Tree Cutting Tips And Steps You Must Follow Every Time

To safely implement the job without the help from a tree cutting service, you need to follow the following tips.

 First, calculate the height of the tree. Depending on the height of the tree and the surroundings of your property, decide on the direction you want the tree to fall.

 Try to completely clear the area in the fall zone from any debris or anything that might get damaged.

 Tie one end of the heavy-duty rope to the tree at either the center or above the middle of the tree.

 Hand the other end of the heavy-duty rope to your friends or family members and tell them to stand outside the fall zone at a safe distance.

 Then make a V-shaped cut or notch into the tree on the falling side of the tree.

 The notch should be roughly at your knee height. You should cut to the tree’s center, and it should look like a narrow ‘V.’

 Now you need to move to the other side of the tree and start cutting it slowly until you meet your first notch cut.

 Now your tree may start to fall. You need to quickly walk away from the tree at a 45-degree angle.

 If the tree doesn’t start to fall or gets caught on another tree, have your friends or family members start pulling on the heavy-duty rope until the tree finally falls.

Final Thoughts

Tree cutting jobs require an extreme level of professionalism and efficient techniques. So, if you are not fit or don’t have equipment or friends or family members to help you, trust a tree cutting service like Branch Specialist for hassle-free tree cutting and removal.

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