4 Times To Immediately Call an Emergency Tree Service

4 Times To Immediately Call an Emergency Tree Service

Trees frequently fall without notice. Storms and heavy winds can cause this, as simply an act of nature.

Even your regularly maintained tree can demand emergency tree services

The best tree services in Texas would be there for you to help anytime. Branch Specialists have been saving many properties in Texas, be it in snow-filled winters or spring storms. You might be wondering as to what instances should emergency tree services be called. To help you with that, we have collected a list of instances when you can instantly look for emergency tree services.

4 instances when an emergency tree service can help you
1. Leaning too much

You may have the idea that a tree’s mild learning is normal. A leaning tree is under stress, and if the problem is not addressed, the tree may fall over altogether.

As per a fair rule of thumb, any tree with a 15% lean from upright requires emergency tree services. While it is perfectly natural for a tree to lean somewhat as it matures due to the effects of the environment, if your tree is leaning more than a 15-degree angle, there is a significant chance that the roots are causing problems.

We can inspect any new lean, particularly if it extends across your pathway or structure. Likewise, we’d decide on how to make it correct, be it through pruning or emergency tree removal.

2. Damaged by storm

If your property has been damaged by a storm, this is one of the first signals that you should call the emergency tree services. If a tree has toppled over or a heavy branch has fallen on your roof, for example, calling for a professional tree service is a good idea. 

Tornados and large storms in Buffalo can bring many trees crashing down into your roof, as well as your driveway and cars. Furthermore, frequent storms with minor wind gusts are sufficient to bring down your trees that are already sick or in crisis.

These fallen trees and branches may not appear to be a major issue, but they could cause leaks and serious water damage to your roof. Furthermore, a tree or heavy limb could fall on your vehicle, resulting in expensive damages.

We can help you remove any fallen trees right away, once you place a call after experiencing storm damage.

3. Wounded trunks

If your tree’s trunk has extensive wounds, you need an emergency tree removal. These wounds can be caused by a multitude of things, such as encounters with a car, a windstorm, or poor pruning. 

We can rescue your tree if less than 25% of the bark of trees on the trunk is damaged. However, if the tree stump has more complicated wounds or significant cavities or holes, it’s best to call our emergency tree services.

4. Root Fungus

Mushrooms sprouting at the bottom of your tree, while not usually, can indicate root disease and inner rot. The roots are your tree’s support system, and an arborist tree service should assess this. If not assessed in time, your tree might decay, causing it to fall off anytime as it gets worse. 

Looking for an emergency tree service? You’re at the right place

It’s wiser to be careful than sorry if you’re still uncertain about the danger your injured trees are posing. Anytime, any day you may need an emergency tree services. Hence, Branch Specialists offer you 24/7 emergency tree service in Buffalo. We offer the best tree removal services in Texas with our expert tree service assistants.  

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