Horrendous Tree Trimming Accidents One Must Be Aware Of

Horrendous Tree Trimming Accidents One Must Be Aware Of

There are a lot of safe things you can do yourself as a homeowner. Like a home improvement project or painting your fence. But there are some risky jobs that you must never try yourself. Such as picking up a saw and trimming your trees. This is something that only the best tree trimming company in Texas must be entrusted with. 

That’s because an average of 80 people die in the United States each year due to tree-cutting accidents. Here are the most common disasters one can face while tree cutting service.

Common Tree Cutting Accidents 

Cuts & Scrapes

This is one of the most observed tree-cutting accidents. The wrong use of tree trimming tools and equipment such as chainsaws, pruners, and hacksaws can cause serious cuts. This is why adequate knowledge and training are a must when it comes to tree care work.

Also, scratches can happen when your skin comes in contact with tree barks or branches. The splinters of wood and dust particles from the tree may get deep into the wound, causing infection.


The chances of these tree cutting accidents are 3 out of 5. Gigantic trees are often near or on power lines. And while trying to trim that tree, it is a high possibility that you accidentally touch or step on the wires. Or else, a falling tree limb can knock the electric cables down, increasing the chances of serious injuries.

Being Struck

The third common tree cutting disaster is being hit by a fallen object from the tree. It could be a tree branch or limb. This scenario is something most people do not fathom when considering tree-cutting services. There are also risks of objects falling on a person standing near the worksite.


Working at heights is not a walk in the park. Tons of risks can happen. That is why falls are quite common when it comes to tree-cutting accidents. One can slip and fall off the ladder, roof, or tree while trying to reach tall tree limbs. 

Eye Injury

The tree trimming task entails cutting branches and trunks of the tree. This can make wood particles and sawdust airborne. It is quite easy for them to get into the eyes of the worker and cause severe eye infections and corneal abrasion. Additionally, dust and wood chips can fly out of the tools while trying to dispose of tree stumps and branches. This can severely hurt and injure your eyes too.


Only a skilled arborist can identify plants such as poison oak and poison ivy. Homeowners may fail to recognize them while trimming their trees. And exposure to those poisonous trees can cause serious infections, blisters, or allergies.

Bites And Stings

Pests and insects love to shelter in trees. This is why there are high chances that they may poke or attack you while trimming their abode (the tree). Tree animals such as raccoons and squirrels are known for biting humans. Or ants, bees, and wasps may sting you if you disturb them.

Hire Branch Specialists Texas For Zero Tree Cutting Accidents And Injuries

Skip taking a chance with DIY tree trimming work and injuring yourselves. Our best tree trimming services in Texas are renowned for zero track record of tree cutting accidents and damages. Call our licensed and insured arborists to safely trim and groom your trees. 

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