4 Nerve-Wracking Horrendous Dangers from DIY Tree Care and Maintenance

If you’re thinking of DIY tree care or DIY tree removal in the next month, abort that plan immediately.


An average of 80 people die each year due to DIY tree care accidents in the US alone. Countless more lie down in the hospitals for months-long with serious injuries.

Scary enough? We agree!

In this blog, we’ll tell you the 4 most common dangers homeowners invite while trying to save a few extra bucks on the best tree services in Texas. By the end of the blog, we hope you understand that you have to really put down that DIY tree care plan.

Dangers from power lines

Trees and power lines are the perfect recipe for disasters in DIY tree care. We often hear horrifying stories of homeowners getting too close to a downed power line. They end up dying from the electrocution.

Thus, never touch a power line or any tree touching power lines. So, what’ll you do if a heavy storm or powerful wind knocks down your tree near a power line?

Stay on the safer side and call the best tree removal services in Texas. The tree care professionals will take all the safety measures before removing the tree.

Risks from towering heights

Think you’re all set for DIY tree care just because you have “the strongest ladder”?


Trust our word – ladder and power tools are just the right combinations for dangers. It takes only a matter of seconds to slip while stretching and straining in the ladder. No sturdiest or newest ladder can save that journey to the hospital. So, avoid the possibility of such nasty falls and put aside the DIY tree care plan.

The best tree trimming services in Texas use a bucket lift for trimming towering trees instead of a ladder. The bucket lifts allow the experts to reach the tallest branches of the tree. It gears in the safety of the arborists from start till finish.

Injuries from chainsaw

Using chainsaws to cut down trees requires the right precision and expertise. But well, our enthusiastic homeowners are still risk-taking the chainsaw in their hands.

Did you know that more than 30,00 people succumb to chainsaw injuries every year?

Yes, true! Inexperienced homeowners incorrectly cut into a piece of wood and allow the tips of the bar to be pinched. This dangerous mishap is known as a kickback. So, give a second thought to the DIY tree care plan.

Huge trees falling

That’s one of the most common DIY tree care mishaps we see happening almost every week. No inexperienced person can ever cause a tree to fall in the ideal direction. Wind, slope, wood-rot, and nearby factors influence the falling tree’s direction.

So, unless you’re confident to make the tree fall in the safest direction, contact the experts.

Bottom line

As you have seen, tons of things can go wrong when an overzealous homeowner switches on the DIY tree care mood. Like we said, in an effort to save money on tree care services, you’ll end up wasting way too much money on the hospital bills. So, be a smart homeowner and hire professionals for tree care and maintenance.

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