Fundamental Nitty-Gritty Tips of Summer Tree Care One Must Know

Fundamental Nitty-Gritty Tips of Summer Tree Care One Must Know

Caring for trees in the summer is nothing like the other seasons of the year. The best tree services in Texas adopt a more hands-off approach with trees in the summer months. With their quality care and maintenance, the long hot and humid days can’t affect the trees. Here are some tree care tips to prepare your green assets for the red, orange, and brown hues of the fall.

Vital Summer Tree Care Tips
1. Tree Inspection

Summer is a great time to call in the tree services in the area to check and evaluate the tree’s health. Their arborists can suggest the appropriate procedures and maintenance of your trees. The tree care experts can also propose remedies for any problem affecting the trees.

2. Cabling

Unexpected summer storms are hazardous for trees and tree owners. Hire an arborist to determine whether the trees on your property pose an imminent threat to structures and vehicles on your property. 

After the evaluation, the experts may suggest the cabling of weak tree branches. They might also advise on the complete removal of limbs that may be hazardous.

Tree cabling can also help in curbing excessive shedding of leaves and twigs in summer. Summer leaf drops are common in many trees such as hack-berries, maples, willows, and birch.

3. Soil Care

One of the quintessential summer tree care tips is to conserve and protect the soil. As most of the tree problems emanate from poor soil structure.

Some of the most common issues that you need to check are –

 Lack of nutrients

 Compaction in soil

 Soil acidity

Aerating and de-compacting the soil can assist in increasing air and water flow in the soil. It also aids in root propagation. 

To aerate the soil, drill holes into the earth by using an auger. You can also apply organic manure to help in soil aeration. The compost can easily fend off pests and diseases allowing your soil to be extra nutritious. This leads to healthy leafing and shoots growth.

4. Tree Pruning

Summer tree pruning is usually done for corrective reasons. Or to curtail the growth of branches or trees. One must remove only dead or damaged tree limbs in the summer. This will encourage the healthy growth of trees in the fall. Summer pruning also improves air circulation and lowers water uptake by trees. 

But know that excessive or over-the-line pruning is disastrous. It could expose your tree to sun scalding and stress. Younger trees are more vulnerable to heat scalding. Hence, they should be trimmed with extreme caution.

For correct summer tree care tips for trimming, hire the arborists of Branch Specialists Texas. They can advise you on what needs to be trimmed or not.

5. Mulching

The last pivotal summer tree care tips are to mulch them. Mulching helps to conserve soil moisture, curtail weeds and stabilize temperature. For proper summer mulching, spread the material throughout the radius of the root zone. It should be 2-3 inches thick. 

Use shredded hardwood for summer mulching material. Avoid fresh wood chips as it is highly acidic and could injure young trees.

Call Branch Specialists Texas For A Helping Hand In Summer Tree Care

If you’re not sure what are the best tree care tips or what your trees need during summer, connect with our team. We will schedule an appointment to help you get it all figured out. With our arborists, your trees can stand tall, healthy, and mighty against the summer heat. 

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