5 Quintessential Tools That Homeowners Must-Have For DIY Tree Care

5 Quintessential Tools That Homeowners Must-Have For DIY Tree Care

Finally, you’ve decided to go the DIY tree care way rather than hiring a tree service in Texas. You must have done it in good conscience – and we support you. 

But do you have all the tools for DIY work? Not sure what they’re? Read the blog to know about it!

Even if you’ve stocked up the tools, we still recommend giving this blog a read. As we say – better safe than sorry!

Protective Equipment

The best tree trimming services in Texas don’t embark on their work without it. This equipment is vital to keeping you away from major injuries (and fatal deaths too). 

Here is the list of protective equipment that you must have for DIY tree care –

  • Hearing protection
  • Helmets
  • Protective eyewear
  • Leg protection pants and chaps for chainsaw
  • Safety footwear
  • Climbing harness and gear
  • Reflective vests and jackets
  • Safety gloves


Take a look at the tree. It’s taller than you. So, how do you plan to reach the branches that are so high off the ground? 

This is why your DIY tree care list must include a ladder and a stepladder. The stepladder will help you reach the lower branches of the tree – between eye level and 8 feet high. The normal ladder will take you to the higher branches of the tree.

Loppers and Pruning Shears

So, you have the protective equipment and the ladder. That is not all for DIY tree care work. Now, you have to purchase the tools and equipment that the professional uses.

If you’ve hedge clippers at your home that will work too. But we recommend buying/renting pruning shears. The shears can cut down the vegetation, small vines, and branches easily and quickly.

But you’ve to cut branches and vines that are almost 1 diameter in inch, go for loppers. They provide additional reach and also come in with a telescoping handle (not all). 

Saws and Chainsaws

The next must-have tools for DIY tree care are saws and chainsaws. You’ll need them for the tree limbs that are about 1 foot in diameter. Cutting such thick branches will be much easier with saws and chainsaws.

For branches up to 3 inches in diameter, go for bow saws. It’s also advisable to invest in a top-of-the-line chainsaw as well. But make sure to buy only the high-quality saws and chainsaws.

Twine and Lawn Bags

When preparing for DIY tree care, homeowners often tend to forget about twine and lawn bags. The best tree removal services in Texas make sure to bring it along with them to collect up the debris after work. 

Even if you’re trimming a single tree, you’ll have a sizable amount of dirt when it’s all said and done. You can stock up all the rubbish in the bags to keep your property clean after work.

Final Words

As you’ve seen, you need to have a lot of tools and equipment for DIY tree care work. Buying or renting them will shell out the money that you saved from not hiring professionals. Not to mention, the expensive damage to properties or even lives from any unfortunate mishaps. So, we recommend you abort the DIY tree care plan and leave the work to professionals.

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