How to Decide the Best Pruning Method for Your Trees?

A properly maintained tree is the key to a lively and healthy backyard. And while people are quite aware of this fact, tree pruning is often neglected as a practice. Tree pruning is quite an essential service to improve your tree’s overall structure and promote healthier growth. Even if you were aware of it, were you also familiar with the different types of pruning methods? 

Don’t be disheartened, if that’s the case; people still remain unaware of this crucial aspect of tree pruning. Different trees require different pruning techniques, hence we have different methods. So, take our advice as a tree service in Texas and increase your knowledge of these types!

Different Types of Tree Pruning
Crown lifting

Under this method, the lower part of the crown is removed from the tree. This is common practice with trees located in footpaths and is blocking the way of vehicles or passersby. 

Crown thinning

This particular method involves the removal of branches from all over the crown. A particular area isn’t the main focus here and is done mainly to lighten the tree weight and allow easy passage of light and air. 

Crown reduction

The aim of this method is to reduce the crown size of the tree. The branches are reduced in length to reduce the growth point. The Texas tree care usually does this to decrease the area that the tree stands in. 

Clearance tree pruning

Clearance involves the removal of particular branches that are obstructing the objects around it or are threatening harm to it. 

Dead wooding

As the name suggests, this method is for the removal of dead branches that are posing harm by potentially falling down. It also involves removing the diseased branches to prevent their spread to other branches and trees. 

Formative tree pruning

Formative tree pruning is an excellent method to encourage healthier growth in trees during their earlier years. During this method, specific branches are removed to avoid structural defects and form a more structurally sound form. 

Selective tree pruning

This is a method purely carried out for aesthetic purposes. Some particular branches experience irregular growth and sticking out from the structure of the tree. This method ensures that these branches are cut and the original shape is restored.

Weight reduction

Throughout its life, a tree can start growing heavy-ended or overextended branches. This can be a cause for concern. The heavy branches can fall down due to their sheer weight and hurt someone in the process. Even the longer branches are prone to injure a person who isn’t aware of its process. Hence this method involves the removal of such branches to promote safety.

Make The Right Choice For Your Trees!

Now that you’re aware of all methods available at your disposal, it’s time to make a choice. Is your tree taking up too much space? Does it have a disease? Or do you want to shape it up?

Once you diagnose, call Branch Specialists Texas for affordable tree service in Texas! We will prune your trees with all our efficiently and technologically backed methods complete with several years of experience. 

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