Tree Care FAQ: 6 Most Common Questions Clients Ask Frequently!

After providing tree care services for years, we saw that clients always had some common questions for us.  So, we finally thought of answering some of these questions for your convenience. Read below to see our answers!

1. When is the right time to get the best tree trimming services in Texas?

The word on the street is to trim trees before fall. But that is quite wrong! Trees prepare for dormancy in the fall. It stores the nutrients from the leaves for the cold days.

Generally, the best time to get tree care services for trimming is between the end of fall and before winter. That is from November till March – when plants stay dormant.

The trees are less susceptible to insects and diseases then. Also, if you trim your trees in winter, they will heal by the time spring rolls in. 

2. Do storm-damaged trees heal on their own?

That’s a question most of our clients ask us at one point or the other. Storm tree damage is not that rare sight. Heavy snow, high winds, hail – any kind of inclement weather can severely damage a tree.

Whether you should or should not get the tree care services depends completely on the severity of the damage. If less than 3 inches of the branches are broken, any best tree services in Texas can fix that. But if the larger branches of the tree are broken or the tree is partially uprooted you need to look for the best tree removal services in Texas.

3. When to cut down a dying tree?

Just because your tree is dying, it doesn’t mean you have to call the tree care services right away. It could take years for a dying tree to finally give up. Trees are called strong and magnificent for a reason – they remain sturdy even when diseased or damaged.

We suggest asking our skilled arborist team before considering removing it. If we find that the tree is still structurally sound, you don’t have to remove it.

4. Does a tree stump attract termites?

Unfortunately, yes! The tree stumps are a good food source for creepy termites. 

So, if you don’t wish the pests to lurk around your property, we suggest getting the best stump grinding services in Texas from us. The sooner you take control of the pest situation, the better.

5. Can I clear my land myself?

DIY land clearing is never a good idea (or safe). In the quest to save a few bucks on the tree care services, you might end up costing an arm or leg.

Trust us – trying to clear your land all by yourselves will make things messier than you anticipate. So, hire professionals and steer clear away from the risks.

6. How to keep my trees safe from disease and pest infections?
  • Get regular trimming for trees to remove diseased branches
  • Keep them hydrated throughout the year (especially summer)
  • Monitor the trees daily for signs of infestation
  • Rotate the annual crops to different areas around the property
  • Put a dense layer of organic mulch to prevent weed growth
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If you have any tree care services needs or queries, feel free to ping us. We’re here to keep your trees in their best health and proper shape.

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