Top Imperative Signs you Need Urgent Tree Removal Services

Top Imperative Signs you Need Urgent Tree Removal Services

Trees add so much spark, vivacity, and value to a property. They liven up the outdoors and make a simple house look so beautiful from the outside. 

However, trees require exceptionally good care and maintenance from the best tree services in Texas. Apart from the regular trimming tree service, one needs to act promptly on decaying or infested trees. Or else, the tree will end up threatening both the property and people living in its nearby area. 

Hence, we always recommend opting for the services of Branch Specialist Texas for any tree-related care at the earliest. Here, we are listing 5 tell-tale signs of potential tree damage that prompt our tree service urgently. Better safe than sorry!

Instances When You Must Hire Our Emergency Tree Removal Service
Trees Leaning On Structures

After natural calamities like floods or cyclones, trees tend to bend over to one side. Not all tree-leaning instances call for worry. But if the lean is more than 20 degrees, the tree calls for removal right away. 

Furthermore, you may also notice a wounded trunk and dead leaves on the side of the tree lean. While fresher leaves and branches are blooming on the other side. If you see this on your tree too, hire the tree service of Branch Specialists Texas immediately.

Closer Proximity To Cables

Trees in closer proximity to powerlines are a major fire hazard. The moment the tree branch, leaves, or twigs starts falling over the cable, call the tree emergency service. Many wildfires in Texas over the past few years have been due to trees converging with power lines. 

Withering Or Falling Branches

Is your tree or trees losing their branches quite frequently? Then hire tree service on an emergency basis. 

Tree limbs provide structural support to the trees. Except for trees like palms that inherently do not have any branches. Thus, with its branches falling off, your tree might not be in a position to survive natural calamities. Thereby, putting your home and your entire family at risk. 

Cavities In Trunk

Trees’ structural integrity weakens or damages with time. There are many ways by which a tree shows that its structural strength is no longer robust. One such visible sign is cavities or hollow areas in the tree trunk. This is especially common in the case of mature trees. 

The cavities indicate decay in the tree’s structure and eventually death. So, be wary and look out for signs of the cavity in the tree trunk or withering in the tree bark. Once you notice this, immediately hire an arborist tree service.

Dusty Mildew On Tree

Dusty or powdery white mildew on trees is a signal for tree service at the earliest. This dusty mildew problem is treatable. But if it is kept unattended for a long period, it may affect the health of the trees or people living nearby.

Even if you are treating the tree with insecticides and pesticides, talk to Branch Specialists Texas about the entire prognosis process. In case the tree is in a withered condition, the use of insecticides may further harm the tree. In such scenarios, it is better to hire the best tree removal services in Texas for immediate removal.

Contact Branch Specialists Texas For Any Tree-Related Emergency

At Branch Specialists Texas, we have a team of fully licensed arborists that have extensive experience in both routine and emergency services. We follow the strictest safety guidelines and use cutting-edge equipment to conduct emergency tree service. Hire our services any day, anytime!

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