Best Tree Services in Texas: 5 Types of Tree Pruning
Best Tree Services in Texas

Often, pruning sounds counterproductive – cutting off branches, taking them down – sounding so violating. But in reality, it is crucial for the growth of healthy and strong trees. 

Pruning dead and diseased branches help trees recover better and make them disease-resistant.

Despite the importance of pruning, homeowners don’t bother to do their research and take help from the best tree services in Texas until it’s too late. In fact, many don’t even call Branch Specialists Texas until the limbs are lying in the lawn after a bad storm.

 However, a prior decision to hire Texas tree experts could have prevented all damages following these pruning methods. 


As trees grow, there are different kinds of branches that shoot up. Some grow strong, weak, long, and small. Crown thinning is an essential tree trimming procedure that removes smaller, weaker limbs from the tree’s crown.

Professional crown thinning opens up the tree canopy and allows air and water to penetrate the leaves and branches below. This pruning process helps take off the load by reducing heavy, larger limbs, which (if not removed) poses a major threat during thunderstorms.


To grow healthy, green trees in your lawn, removing dead, diseased, and dying branches is essential. Dead pruning from the best tree services in Texas not only helps get rid of the infected branches but also improves the appearance of the trees – elevating the curb appeal instantly.


If your trees’ height is a concern, crown reduction is an ideal option for you. In crown reduction, expert arborists remove small branches attached to the large branches on the top – ensuring the crown doesn’t become too top-heavy. 

Crown pruning is necessary for younger trees to promote their healthy growth without adding extra weightage to the trees. 


This pruning process involves removing low-hanging branches and leaves weighing down the top branches of a tree. Large, mature trees don’t require crown lifting, and this process is more intended for smaller trees. 

Crown lifting is common among trees that overhang sideways, roads, and your home. Also, getting professional crown lifting from the best tree services in Texas makes the tree well-manicured to match and complement the surrounding landscape


This pruning method can sound silly for some, but if you consider it closely, this process is important for trees that grow too tall and can be unsafe because of the heavy top. 

In this process, all the tree branches are removed, and the only thing left behind is the framework of secondary branches along with the main stem. This type of tree trimming provides a constant supply of smaller diameter poles without killing the tree.


For every homeowner in Texas, tree trimming and pruning are essential. If you haven’t pruned your trees for more than six months, time to call the professional team of Branch Specialists Texas. We not only prune your mature trees but also safeguard your trees from pests and diseases. 

Pick up your phone and ring the best tree services in Texas right away. We proudly serve residents throughout Texas and the surrounding areas – and take pride in our services. Call to get your free estimate today!

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